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Suitable for dc motors. They are used in battery-driven vehicles such as cleaning machines, electric boats, electric vehicles, fork lifts, transportation systems, solar or wind powered island installations as well as for many other battery-supplied applications.



The battery motor drive BAMO-A2-62 in combination with low-voltage dc motors provide a drive solution with excellent control characteristics. With dc motors the current is proportional to the torque. The voltage is proportional to the speed. Current and speed are precisely measured. The analog control circuits have a simple design. The speed value is either generated from the armature or the dc tacho generator. The speed and the current loops are implemented using PI controllers. The braking energy is fed back into the battery.

Application in all kinds of vehicles and machines requiring a battery-driven power of 1,2 kW, especially for 4-quadrant-operation for wide control range, for a high efficiency, for small motor dimensions, for a uniform, accurate and smooth running, to be used for speed or torque control or combined speed/torque control incorporated within or independent of position control loops.

Built-in unit according to the VDE, DIN and EU regulations, protection rating IP00, standard analog control electronics, power electronics with IGBT power semiconductors, comfortably over-dimensioned.



✔ Battery or dc voltage connection
✔ Differential command value input
✔ Speed control and torque control
✔ Static and dynamic current limit
✔ Measurement outputs for current and speed
✔ Enable logic, emergency stop, temperature monitoring